"Mystery of Marriage Retreat" and "Singles Retreat"

Taking the time to get away and focus on Jesus the Christ is definitely the most life changing event I have ever witnessed. Many have been encouraged, delivered, realigned with Truth, repented of lies they believed about themselves and their Lord.... OH Hallelujah!!!



We welcome you to come as couples or individuals for a 4 day intensive Counseling time. During this time we will start from your beginning to where you are today. You will recognize lies, strongholds, abuse, etc. along with recognizing Truth to bring clarity to where you are on your Journey of life. By this you will be encouraged and strengthened to continue on your Journey as it aligns with God's Righteousness.



Seminars include "Thy Kingdom Come", "Holy Spirit Fire", "Man of God", and "Mystery of Marriage", in various locations across the United States. The seminars normally are held Wednesday  -  Saturday or Sunday