The Inferiority complex views everyone successful except themselves... The Superiority complex views everyone not successful except themselves... Inferiority complex believes that everyone KNOWS that they are superior to them 😳 Superiority complex believes that everyone KNOWS that they are inferior to them 😳 Either one of these complexes are destructive and need to be repented of if you want relationships to work for Gods glory. This is relevant in marriage, friends, church, anywhere... Don’t be either... it hurts when people view you either way and take the liberty to want to shoot at you because of their complex and they expect you knew you were whichever complex they believe about you! 🤦‍♂️ Lord grant me the wisdom to know how to navigate through these types of toxic bullets, teach me Lord, to not lash back at the attacks that come our way, more often than we signed up for 😳 We only want to be who you created us to be 🙌 🔥 Teach us to love like you loved 🔥


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